Successful therapy
from Dr Helmut SCHMIDBAUER.
With open arms and heart.

alcohol | therapy plus™ – Successful therapy from Dr Helmut SCHMIDBAUER. With open arms and heart.
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(Our philosophy, the costs, the process and its content, our team and testimonials)

Why is our alcohol therapy so successful?

Safety, warmth and amity.

We greet our participants with open arms and an open heart. And as equals. Every day. This sets us apart from most other providers.

Our holistic therapy concept.

We have continuously developed and adapted our concept. We now offer therapy of outstanding quality which is unique worldwide.

A relaxing retreat. All around.

Enjoy the glories of nature in the spa town of Bad Birnbach, and let our charming cooks spoil you from morning to night.

LEBENSHILFE plus+ ... Das einzigartige 3-Wochen Intensiv-Erfolgstraining. Mit Herz und Seele. Hilfe in Lebenskrisen.

Every day, the gratitude ...

... of our participants strengthens our belief in what we do and, above all, how we do it.

With our amazing team, over the last 15 years we have successfully supported more than 1,500 participants towards a life without alcohol dependency.

from right to left: Dr Stefan Albrecht, Peggy Schmidbauer and Dr Helmut Schmidbauer

How our successful therapy is structured

Week 1: The past

  • Arrival here at the health academy
  • Reflection on the past / cause Analysis
  • Initial medical diagnosis and discussions with medical specialists
  • Physical detoxification
  • Start physical regeneration
  • Seminars
  • Catharsis

Week 2: The present

  • Personality training
  • Psychological reorientation
  • Continue with physical Regeneration
  • Start physical advanced training
  • Counselling and coaching

Week 3: The future

  • Stabilisation and resilience training
  • Fitness training
  • Life planning for a new courage to face life, new vitality and a new zest for life
  • Final discussion
  • Say goodbye
The parts of the journey can be booked separately or together depending on your personal situation and your individual schedule.
We will also be happy to provide you with a customised offer to suit your personal needs.

We only succeed by working together!

We are an experienced team, highly specialised with interdisciplinary qualifications.

We work in very small groups (no more than 7 participants), which enables us to look after our participants intensively and to address individual needs successfully.

Images and insights

Our new brochure:
Open and view the brochure here!

(Our philosophy, the costs, the process and its content, our team and testimonials)

Description of the alcohol therapy

For most people affected, the attempt to break out of the vicious circle of alcoholism, stress and depression fails because conventional therapy programmes take a long time.

Freelancers, managers and tradespeople cannot afford to leave their business for therapy lasting several months.

We see ourselves as a seminar centre rather than a clinic. You are a participant, not a patient. We offer help with alcohol problems.

You maintain your dignity and enjoy complete discretion. We are a team with a broad spectrum of knowledge and vast experience, and our successful therapy will help you to understand how you can fundamentally reorient your life.

In training modules which focus on your body, mind and soul you will learn a targeted combination of conventional medicine, natural healing and traditional Asian healing methods. This is a completely individual programme which is absolutely unique.

Our successful alcohol | therapy plus is modular in structure and individually weighted for each participant, with the aim of creating an equilibrium based on a balanced interplay between body, mind and soul.

We achieve successful, pain-free alcohol withdrawal in a very short time, tailored to the individual, through the use of medication. You will feel comfortable and secure from your very first day with us.

Detoxification and withdrawal are important steps on your path towards a happy, free life that is full of love and founded on personal responsibility.

But alcohol addiction is more than just a potentially genetic predisposition – it has social and psychological roots and is also a habitually established feature of our consumption-oriented society: "One little glass won't hurt …!" or "If you've never been drunk, you're not a proper man …"

Although alcohol detoxification and withdrawal can easily be accomplished in three weeks, neurological research shows that an addiction memory can remain as a conditioned response for up to nine months. Following withdrawal, our successful therapy therefore focuses on behavioural training, facilitating a new and positive meaning to your life, self-esteem and self-love.

And after the intensive course, participants remain in contact with the team of trainers as closely, as often and as long as they want in order to reinforce and consolidate their changed behaviour. This may include voluntary refresher seminars lasting a few days.

Medication-based detoxification and a consistent approach to withdrawal and stabilisation of positive resources are seamlessly integrated into an intensive but always individually tailored programme of therapy and courses lasting 8 - 12 hours a day.

This medically based, psychologically sophisticated training programme is delivered in individual sessions and small groups with a maximum of 7 people, and enables participants to take their first secure steps along the path towards a new, alcohol-free life within just three weeks.

The successful alcohol | therapy plus is a perfect opportunity to restart and rebuild your life after dependency and addiction.

Detoxification and withdrawal are fully integrated into our programme. Any withdrawal effects which occur in the first few days are alleviated by medication.

We conduct an in-depth interview with applicants before they are accepted, and a comprehensive medical check-up is carried out on the day of arrival.

Naturally, participants are not left on their own when the intensive therapy ends: they can contact our treatment team whenever and for as long as they want, by telephone, letter or the internet.

We also offer refresher courses – because the addiction triggers and addiction risks will still be present in our hectic, modern lifestyle where addiction is rife, and in the social acceptability of drinking.

To provide you with long-term immunity to these and enable you to enjoy a life without addiction, our successful alcohol | therapy plus provides you with a practical, realistic and individual set of tools which can be refreshed at any time.

Our successful alcohol | therapy plus is delivered by a skilled and highly qualified team of specialists who have many decades of experience and a high level of expertise.

With our amazing team, we guarantee optimum support for our guests. This also includes information about nutrition, beauty care and special sports to keep you healthy.